CreaGen attends ACS Fall 2018 National Meeting!

The CreaGen team attended the American Chemical Society (ACS) Fall 2018 National Convention (Aug. 19-23) and had the opportunity to meet representatives from companies like Millipore Sigma, L'oreal, Welch, Temple University School of Pharmacy, and Yamazen! Anny, Kaitlyn, and Somontha had a fantastic time networking and learning about new technologies at the convention. Dr. Rajur is Committee Chair for the Medicinal Chemistry Group and a Councilor of ACS. He held 'Resume Review' sessions to allow newcomers in the life-science sector to practice their interviewing skills and give them the opportunity to revise their resume. Thanks for having us ACS!

Early-Stage Acceleration is Key to a Successful Business.

Entrepreneurs may have fresh ideas for new discoveries, but in order to bring these concepts to clinical development takes time, expertise, and money. In order to grow their business, the founder must juggle assembling a team, finding a space, R&D, and applying for grants/venture capital in order to bring their discovery to market. Early-stage accelerators are meant to foster the start up and accelerate the growth of the company. C2I Accelerator stands out as a life-science accelerator because we offer mentoring with experienced minds in venture discovery and business; we offer biology/chemistry lab and office space; we have a diverse array of synthesis, analytic, and biology instrumentation

CROs like CreaGen Inc. are changing R&D

CreaGen Inc. is a cost-efficient, chemistry-based drug discovery service company that offers high quality research services to federal agencies, biotech companies, and pharmaceutical industry. Contract research organizations (CROs) like CreaGen Inc. function to reduce the initial infrastructure expenses and resources required for companies associated with preclinical research. A push for novel compounds and drug discovery has pushed federal agencies, biotech companies, and key pharmaceutical industry players to outsource R&D. CreaGen offers: • Critical expertise in medicinal chemistry, lead generation, & lead optimization • Fast, cost-efficient research • Novel small molecule candidates for

SQZ Biotech Received $72M in Series C Funding

SQZ Biotech is a C2I alumni and one of our most successful stories. SQZ Biotech joined C2I back in December 2015 and since then, they have grown with their innovative technology. Who are SQZ Biotech? "SQZ Biotechnologies' a cell engineering platform allows one to deliver a diverse set of materials into patient cells, providing the opportunity to alter numerous cell functions." SQZ is led by Founder & CEO, Armon Sharei, PhD; Chief Business Officer, Bruce Beutel, PhD; Chief Scientific Officer, Howard Bernstein, MD, PhD. what is sqz's innovative technology? SQZ uses membrane disruption to deliver a wide range of materials into primary cell types that has minimal impact on function and viability

Current C2I Resident, Anfiro, awarded SBIR Grant from The National Science Foundation

Who are Anfiro? Anfiro is a water technology start-up that has been with C2I for a year and we are proud to have them as part of our team. Anfiro's goal is to address global freshwater scarcity with the use of "self-assembling polymers to create chlorine resistant and high permeability reverse osmosis (RO) and nanofiltration (NF) membranes". Water treatment and desalination is thus more efficient, cleaner, and more affordable. The National Science Foundation The National Science Foundation (NSF) awards the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase I grant to support high-risk, cutting edge technologies that have potential to support important challenges in society. The funding helps to

Frequency Therapeutics Begins Clinical Trials for Hearing Loss Drug

C2I alumni, Frequency Therapeutics, has begun to treat patients in Phase I/II clinical trials to determine the efficacy of their drug for restoring hearing. The clinical trial includes 24 patients with stable sensorineural hearing loss and will receive an injection of drug candidate FX-322 or a placebo in their ear along with a follow-up visit after two weeks. After the follow-up, Frequency will monitor the patients for another three months. Congratulations Frequency Therapeutics! Read the full article here.

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