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I started my internship at CreaGen Life Science Incubator in July 2016. This journey has been a great and exciting experience for me. A lot of creative work, from sketching to a final product, has been done. I met great new people and could watch the biotech world live, develop, and blossom. C2I gave me a great opportunity to use and broaden my skills as a graphic designer. I was given an assignment to create a new visual identity that reflected C2I’s views, mission, and character. The project started with the design of a new logo that became the key element of C2I’s brand. My work developed and evolved into a strong concept reflecting Vinay Rajur’s, CEO, initial vision of the company’s bran

Frequency Therapeutics is aiming to correct hearing loss by using small molecules to reactivate prog

NOW HEAR THIS By Lauren Martz, Senior Writer Most regenerative medicine companies are using stem cell therapies to replace and regrow damaged tissues, but development of stem cell therapies is complicated by manufacturing and regulatory challenges. Frequency Therapeutics Inc. is creating a next generation approach to regenerative medicine that uses small molecules to reactivate a patient’s dormant progenitor cells in vivo. The newco emerged from stealth mode last week with the announcement of its new board of directors, which is headed by Chairman Marc Cohen, co-founder of Cobro Ventures, and includes serial entrepreneur and co-founder Robert Langer, David H. Koch Institute Profes

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